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Ostrich Awing Wing 4x4 Awning setup on Vehicle


Ostrich Wing Awnings are considered to be one of the strongest and most reliable self supporting wing awnings on the market. Easy to open and close, even with just one hand and only 30 seconds to setup.

SIDEWALLS & Accessories

Extend your Ostrich Wing Awning with canvas side walls. We also have a range of approved Accessories and Mounting Brackets.

Ostrich Awing Wing Sidewall setup on Vehicle

Ostrich Wing Awning

When only the best will do

The Ostrich Wing Awning is the ORIGINAL and still the best of the self supporting wing awnings on the market.

Fixed to the side of your roof rack, the Ostrich Wing Awning stretches out and around the vehicle to include the rear door under its protective wing. Super easy to open and close, you just need one hand and 30 seconds to setup to give instant shade and cover against the elements.

Why choose Ostrich Wing Awnings?

Unmatched by strength. Designed, tried and tested in the African Savannah since 2008, OSTRICH Wing is built tough for Aussie Conditions

Innovative Design for Maximum Shade

Ostrich Wing Awnings boast a unique wing-shaped design, delivering expansive sun protection. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, it offers more shade coverage than traditional awnings.

Made Tough with Weather-Resistant Materials

Crafted from quality materials, Ostrich Wing Awnings ensure longevity and resilience against diverse weather conditions. A reliable choice for adventurers seeking durability.

Quick and Easy Setup

Ostrich Wing Awnings offer a user-friendly, quick setup. The intuitive mechanism allows for effortless deployment and retraction, saving time for outdoor enjoyment.

Versatile Mounting Options

With adaptable mounting, Ostrich Wing Awnings suit various vehicles and setups. Their versatility makes them compatible with different outdoor vehicles, enhancing flexibility for users.

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