Universal 270 Degree Awning Bracket Set to suit Rhino-Rack Platform


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Universal 270 Degree Awning Bracket Set  

Adjustable, lightweight and strong – our universal mounting brackets are made to suit most leading 270 Degree Awnings on the market, whilst ensuring that weight is evenly distributed across your roof rack.


  • 3 brackets are designed to distribute the weight of heavier 270º awnings evenly. 
  • Suitable for awnings up to 40kgs. 
  • Reaching to the second slat shares the load across multiple slats, rather than just the outermost slat.
  • Adjustable slotted design and multiple mounting holes provide vertical awning adjustment (5 settings up and down) to suit your setup or height restrictions.
  • Brackets are made from 3mm Stainless Steel and powder coated in a durable textured matt black finish that will blend in with your racks and won’t rust.
  • Engineered folds for added strength whilst reducing overall bracket weight – just 3.7kg for a set. Lighter than provided 10mm steel brackets included with some popular awning brands.
  • Maximise available roof space with the brackets flat design, which allows for storing items above. 



  • Designed to suit rear-folding and forward-folding 270 designs, including but not limited to Darche, Oztent, NOMAD, Foxwing, Supapeg, 23Zero, Bush Company, XTM, Kings, Rhino-Rack Batwing, Bushwakka, and Dune.
  • Mounting hardware to suit Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Tradie Tray.
  • Mounting hole spacing is not compatible with the Series 5 1586mm wide Pioneer Platform.

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